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Highway 52, Highway 55 and County Road 42 Study

Inver Grove Heights and Rosemount

About this study

Highway 52, Highway 55 and County Road 42 triangle in Rosemount and Inver Grove Heights study location map

Hwy 52, Hwy 55 and Co. Rd. 42 study location map.

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The purpose of this study is to build upon previous transportation studies completed by us and Dakota County to reflect current and future transportation needs of the Hwy 52, Hwy 55, and Co. Rd 42 roadway systems. In addition, the study outcomes will take into consideration future project investments and identify a set of financial recommendations to maximize benefits in the area.

Throughout the last 30 years, several projects have laid the groundwork of expanding the Hwy 52 and Co. Rd. 42 interchange to support rerouting Hwy 55. With current industrial developments being built along Hwy 55 and Co. Rd. 42, travel demands through this area have or will continue to increase. This study allows city and county partners the opportunity to evaluate the benefits of rerouting Hwy 55 to Hwy 52 and Co. Rd. 42, unite stakeholders behind a long-term vision for the study area, and identify funding for a 2029-2032 project.

The public will have the opportunity to provide feedback throughout the study. The study will also include targeted stakeholder outreach in the beginning stages of the process.

Summary of work

  • Collect information on issues and opportunities
  • Engage with specific businesses and property owners as well as government stakeholders
  • Understand safety concerns from residents and business owners