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Hollywood Township, St. Bonifacius, Excelsior, Minnetonka, Hopkins, Deephaven, Shorewood, Victoria, Chanhassen and St. Louis Park

A recommendation from this study was to conduct a full planning study to develop a vision for future improvements that includes access management, pedestrian and bicycle crossings, accessibility, highway signs, roadway signals, and lighting.

We are conducting a study on Hwy 7 from Hopkins Crossroad in Hopkins to the western Hennepin County line in St. Bonifacius, which will be informed in part by this study completed on Hwy 7 from 2021-2022. For more information, visit the study webpage.

Study complete

About this study

Hwy 7 from Hwy 100 in St. Louis Park to Carver Co. Rd. 33 in Hollywood Township study location map

Hwy 7 St. Louis Park to Hollywood Twp study location map. View full-size map.

MnDOT completed a study of Hwy 7 between Hwy 100 in St. Louis Park and Carver Co. Rd. 33 in Hollywood Twp to identify needed safety improvements. The study evaluated Hwy 7 intersections and other safety aspects on this section of highway.

During this study, we conducted a traffic safety investigation to:

  • Determine if the number and severity of crashes is abnormal
  • Identify the primary factors for the crashes
  • Propose short-, medium- and long-term updates to improve safety on Hwy 7

View a virtual presentation of the study’s finding.

As part of this effort, we assembled an independent, multidisciplinary team of experts to review the safety and operations of Hwy 7. This team has:

  • Reviewed all relevant existing information
  • Performed a field review of identified areas of safety concern
  • Identified and prioritize suggestions made for reducing the degree of safety risk
  • Produced a draft report and present key audit findings

Summary of work

  • Conduct a traffic safety investigation
  • Evaluate intersections and other safety aspects
  • Produce a draft report and present the key audit findings
  • Propose potential updates to improve safety
  • Inform and engage with the public throughout the study

Study recommendations

We have prepared a formal report to summarize the study process and outline actions that will be taken in response to each safety issue listed in the draft report. The report identifies recommendations developed after a field review, crash data analysis, and comments received from the public.

The recommendations that emerged are categorized as short-term (less than 5 years); medium-term (5 to 10 years); and long-term (more than 10 years). The area studied is 32 miles along and is divided into three segments of the highway through rural, suburban and urban communities. The report identifies a number of safety improvement ideas.

Among the many short-term recommendations are additional, specific corridor studies for key intersections and segments along Hwy 7 to determine appropriate road design, including lane locations, access control and other safety improvement suggestions such as new signage and lane markings. Other recommendations include reviewing roundabouts to review any needed changes, including capacity improvements. Tree removal was identified as another short-term recommendation, including removing vegetation and grading to improve visibility.  

Medium-term recommendations include the improvement and construction of pedestrian crossings in some segments of the highway, installing battery backups at some light signals as necessary, and other signal improvements.

Long-term recommendations include acting on any solutions identified in specific Hwy 7 corridor studies currently identified in the road safety audit report. Long-term, the report identified other potential improvements including reducing vehicle speed at some intersections, improving the urban feel of certain segments between Hollywood Township and Minnetrista by adding a raised concrete median and other alternatives. Additionally, some side road improvements could be among long-term changes if deemed necessary.

The road safety audit report was prepared by an independent, multidisciplinary team of experts that reviewed the safety and operations of Hwy 7. Although a potential improvement is listed, it may not be part of a final design. This could be for a variety of reasons including an inability to obtain consensus, a more extensive improvement is implemented (i.e., if a four-lane section is constructed then a three-lane section may not be built), lack of funding, or changes in crash trends or design standards. If you'd like to receive a copy of the full report, contact us.

Learn more about the recommendations at each location along the Hwy 7 study area.

Thank you for your input

Public feedback was received through an interactive comment map and survey relating to experiences on Hwy 7, areas of concern, and potential improvements between Dec. 17, 2021 and Jan. 18, 2022. The map is still available for viewing the project corridor and all of the past comments that we received. We greatly appreciate all of the feedback that we received on the comment map and will continue to be mindful of all of your questions and concerns.