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MnDOT and tribal representatives meet annually to review long range plans and the three-year program to agree on construction projects to receive special attention and special actions to encourage Indian employment.

They also review the degree of success in employing Indians on current and past projects, and what additional actions might be taken in future projects. MnDOT includes special provisions encouraging Indian employment for each project that has been identified to receive special attention and special actions encouraging Indian employment.

The MnDOT Office of Equal Employment Opportunity will conduct compliance reviews when requested.

Tribes identify tribal members with skills related to those needed for the project, recruit tribal members for MnDOT training, contractor training, and on-the-job training positions, meet with unions to establish union requirements for tribal members on transportation projects where the successful bidder has an agreement to hire union labor, and educate contractors in the goals and requirements for tribal employment.

MnDOT and several Minnesota Tribes have signed MOUs to work cooperatively together to increase employment of American Indians on transportation projects on or near Indian reservation lands:

MnDOT's Policy on Indian Employment Preference is the outcome of discussion at the 2002 Tribes & Transportation Summit and the 2003 Conference; meetings between tribes and Mn/DOT districts; and encouragement by the Federal Highway Administration to employ American Indians on highway projects on or near reservations. The State of Minnesota and the Department of Transportation, consistent with Section 140(d) of Title 23 United States Code, encourage employment of American Indians on state and federally funded construction projects on or near Indian reservations.

Special provisions for construction contracts on or near reservations

Federal guidance:

Civil rights programs

Several MnDOT programs help minorities, women and other disadvantaged people participate as full and equal partners in the planning, construction and management of Minnesota's transportation system. These programs also ensure that all MnDOT contracts meet legal and policy requirements.