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What is functional classification?

Functional classification is the grouping of streets and highways into classes or systems according to the character of service they are intended to provide. Basic to this process is the recognition that most travel involves movement through a network of roads. Functional classification defines the role that any particular road or street plays in serving the flow of trips through an entire network.


Changing classification or classifying planned non-existent roads


Functional class mileage
MnDOT is transitioning to a new Linear Reference System. Functional classification mileage by city, county and route system will be published once the transition is complete and data has been updated to reflect the 2015 FHWA approved greater Minnesota functional classification system.

Functional classification data is current as of December 31, 2020.

Functional Classification Map



Federal law requires in CFR §470.105(b)(1) that:

The State transportation agency shall have the primary responsibility for developing and updating a statewide highway functional classification in rural and urban areas to determine functional usage of the existing roads and streets. . . . The State shall cooperate with responsible local officials, or appropriate Federal agency in the case of areas under Federal jurisdiction, in developing and updating the functional classification.

This applies to all public roads in Minnesota (~139,000 miles) and is used in state and local planning, as well as in the determination of eligibility for Federal and State Aid.


Comprehensive functional classification system updates

MnDOT works in partnership with the state’s regional development commissions (RDCs) and metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs) to periodically review the statewide Functional Classification System. Comprehensive reviews are undertaken approximately every 10 years, or as needed, with the most recent completed and approved by FHWA in 2015.

Individual roadway changes of functional classification

The functional classification change process (PDF) indicates that a change request is considered accepted and approved upon the signature of the District Planner or District State Aid Engineer. It is the responsibility of the submitting Regional Development Commission and/or Metropolitan Planning Organization staff to verify that the change conforms with FHWA’s Functional Classification Guidelines and that conformance is reflected in the change request form. In signing the requests, District Planners/State Aid Engineers concurs that the change meets the FHWA Guidelines.

MnDOT’s Office of Transportation System Management submits an annual report to FHWA requesting approval of the functional classification changes that occurred during the previous year. MnDOT also annually reviews the statewide functional classification percentages to ensure that the system percentages are consistent with FHWA Functional Classification Guidelines.