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With the COVID-19 concerns and precautions going into place, MnDOT is currently not accepting paper proposals in response to P/T solicitations. MnDOT will temporarily be accepting proposals and responses to solicitations electronically to aid in support of social distancing and the adjustment to a more remote working community.

P/T Notices

MnDOT solicits P/T projects in a variety of ways. P/T notices are open to both pre-qualified consultants only and to the general public. Each section below describes the process being utilized, and the consultants eligible to respond. All documents on this page are in PDF format unless otherwise noted.

Potential Projects List

MnDOT maintains a list of potential, upcoming Professional/Technical projects. This list is updated on a regular basis, and is provided to help consultants plan and prepare for upcoming solicitations. Refer to the link below for the most up to date version.

New Solicitation Forms Packet

In an effort to reduce the amount of data entry on the forms submitted with a solicitation, we've created a Solicitation Forms Packet in Adobe Forms. The packet is a compilation of the forms that may be required for a solicitation. The Adobe form will auto populate data entered, throughout the packet so it only needs to be entered once. The forms must be signed individually to acknowledge that each form was reviewed. This can also be found on the Contract Documents page. The posted solicitation will still include a regular .pdf of the forms if you would like to continue to use those.

Notices for Potential Responder Information and Feedback

Meeting Notices, Draft Scopes/Solicitations, Etc.

The following section is used to advertise informational notices. For example, informational meeting notices on an upcoming project; draft scopes of work/RFP's for industry review and/or comment; etc.

Robert Street Bridge - Inspection, Scoping, and Management Plan

Draft Scope of Work and Industry Review
This is a courtesy review opportunity for the industry, for the following project:

  • Constructed in 1926 and renovated in 1989, Bridge 9036 conveys Robert Street over the Mississippi River, roadways, and railways in Saint Paul.  Bridge 9036 is a concrete through arch (rainbow arch) bridge with approach spans consisting of barrel arches, rib arches, or prestressed beam superstructures.  The main span consists of a structural steel framework of riveted plates and angles inside of the concrete arch members. The main span deck is supported by floor beams and stringers connected to the steel arch members.  The 1989 reconstruction project included re-decking all spans, changing superstructure support from steel to prestressed concrete in span 4, from CIP concrete beams to slab span in spans 5 through 7 and 9 through 12, replacing stringers in span 8, and changing from CIP concrete beams to prestressed concrete beams in spans 13 through 20.  Both the top and bottom mats of rebar in the deck are epoxy coated as well as in all retrofit sections of pier caps, abutments, spandrel caps, and railings. Through this contract, State intends to complete the following tasks:
    1. Special Structure Inspection
    2. Materials Sampling and Testing
    3. Load Rating (Deck down through the arch including spandrel columns and floor beams)
    4. Bridge Management Plan (to be addressed via contract amendment upon conclusion of Tasks A-C)
    5. Bridge Repair Recommendations Support (to be addressed via contract amendment upon conclusion of Tasks A-C)
    6. Load Rating Including Thermal Forces (as-authorized task at State’s request upon completion of Tasks A-C)
    7. Approach Pier Analysis (to be addressed via contract amendment upon conclusion of Tasks A-C)
    8. Detail design for repairs (to be addressed via contract amendment upon conclusion of Tasks A-C)

While industry comments are encouraged, these comments will be used at MnDOT's discretion. No response is guaranteed; no posted response is anticipated. Submission of questions and/or comments will not be a prerequisite for responding to the resulting solicitation/scope of work.

Questions and comments must be received by 2:00 p.m. on January 6, 2022 and must be directed to Colleen Lichtsinn at colleen.lichtsinn@state.mn.us.

Minnesota's commitment to diversity and inclusion

The State of Minnesota is committed to diversity and inclusion in its public procurement process. The goal is to ensure that those providing services to the State are representative of our Minnesota communities and include businesses owned by minorities, women, veterans, and those with substantial physical disabilities. Creating broader opportunities for historically under-represented groups provides for additional options and greater competition in the marketplace, creates stronger relationships and engagement within our communities, and fosters economic development and equality.

Whenever possible, MnDOT strongly encourages the use of Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE's), Targeted Group Businesses (TGB's) and Veteran Owned Businesses (VET).

Important note

The TGB and the DBE programs are different programs.  If a project has a TGB goal set, then responders must be looking at TGB firms for the goal.  Likewise, if a project has a DBE goal set, then responders must be looking at DBE firms. TGB and DBE are not used interchangeably.  For additional information about small business programs, please visit MnDOT’s Civil Rights website at mndot.gov/civilrights.

Notices Open To All Consultants

The following section lists all current P/T RFPs, Informal Solicitations and Quick Call for Proposals. Note: you do not need to be pre-qualified or on any current MnDOT Certified List Programs to respond to these advertisements. P/T solicitations will be posted solely on this webpage, along with all supporting documentation, addendums, questions and/or other related issues. As a potential responder, you are responsible for checking back for changes, addendums and/or questions that have been answered and posted. Each solicitation will identify the last date to submit questions, along with an anticipated date the answers will be posted.

Preliminary and Final Design Plan Set

Brief description: The goal of this contract is to provide preliminary design, construction limits, and a biddable final plan set and special provisions.

Date posted: 01/20/2022
Due date: 02/15/2022

Review of 20-Year Minnesota State Highway Needs - Reposted

Brief description: MnDOT is seeking a limited independent review of its estimate of needs to validate MnDOT’s methods and assumptions to ensure the estimates represent an appropriate planning-level assessment of the future needs of the state highway system.

Date posted: 01/14/2022
Due date: 01/28/2022

Bridge Research and Standards Unit – MSE Walls Assistance

Brief description: MnDOT requests responses for developing updated Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) wall standards, provisions, and maintenance; assistance with MSE, Prefabricated Modular Block Walls (PMBW), and other modular retaining wall systems approval processes, and support for other earth retaining systems.

Date posted: 01/13/2022
Due date: 02/02/2022

Architectural, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Final Design
Waters Edge and Regional Transportation Management Center (RTMC) Building

Brief description: MnDOT requests responses for Architecture and Engineering Design Development services for the existing MnDOT Water’s Edge and Regional Transportation Management Center (RTMC) Buildings. The scope of work includes review of schematic design and existing building and documents, design development, and provision of an updated cost estimate.

Date posted: 01/07/2022
Due date: 02/02/2022

MnDOT Active Transportation Program - Non-Infrastructure Support

Brief description: The goal of this project has three major project tasks (planning assistance, demonstration projects and non-infrastructure technical assistance), with subtasks to ensure that each task is carried out effectively. Currently available funding for the Active Transportation Program will be administered by the end of 2024; activities and project schedules in proposals should reflect this timeline.

Date posted: 01/04/2022
Due date: 02/03/2022

TH 95 Urban Reconstruction in Cambridge

Brief description: MnDOT requests responses for the Preliminary and Final Design of State Project (SP) 3006-39 Trunk Highway (TH) 95 Urban Reconstruction in Cambridge, MN. The project extends from Fern Street to Fillmore Street in Cambridge. The project will reconstruct existing TH 95 from Fern Street to Birch Street and reconstruct and expand the existing three-lane section from approximately Birch Street to Fillmore Street to four-lanes with raised channelization and turn lanes. The existing traffic model and staff approved layout will be revisited by the Selected Responder to determine the appropriate west limits of the four-lane section and taper. The approved State Environmental Assessment Worksheet (EAW) needs to be updated and supplemented with a Non-Programmatic Categorial Exclusion document.

Date posted: 12/14/2021
Due date: 01/19/2022

Minnesota CAV Challenge

Brief description: The purpose of this project is to allow industry and transportation partners to propose innovative projects with the potential to advance Connected and Automated Vehicle (CAV) technologies in Minnesota. The Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) desires a wide variety of project ideas from multiple organizations to establish Minnesota as a leader in CAV initiates. This solicitation is being conducted as an open, on-going request for proposals allowing potential responders to submit a proposal at any time. Proposals will be considered on a pre-determined review cycle outlined in this document. This is an opportunity for new and emerging CAV technologies to be developed, tested, and demonstrated in Minnesota. It is anticipated that this solicitation will result in multiple contract awards. The number of contracts awarded will depend on the size of projects submitted and available funding.

Date posted: 08/19/2020
Due date:  02/10/2022, 06/09/2022

Notices open only to pre-qualified consultants

Consultants must be pre-qualified in the identified work type(s) to respond to a Pre-Qualification Announcement. In order to submit a letter of interest to a project identified below, consultants must be pre-qualified at the time the announcement is posted. Each project below has its own "Official List," which identifies the consultants who are eligible to submit for that specific project. Please note: If consultants are not pre-qualified for all work types needed for project, they must make arrangements to subcontract with a firm(s) that is pre-qualified in the work type(s). If applicable, the consultant must identify in the letter of interest their sub-consultant(s), and which work type(s) the sub-consultant(s) will be completing. If there are not firms currently listed on the "Official List" for an identified work type(s), the consultant may provide the work themselves or they may subcontract with any firm.

2022 District One Plant Inspection

Brief description: The goal of this project is to provide plant inspection on the projects in NE Minnesota for the 2022 construction season.

Date posted: 01/18/2022
Due date:  02/07/2022

  • Announcement
  • Scope
  • Official List: In order to submit a letter of interest to this project, consultants must be pre-qualified in the following work types
    • 11.5 Materials Sampling & Testing - Plant Inspection/Bituminous
    • 11.6 Materials Sampling & Testing - Plan Inspection/Concrete

Sandstone to Askov

Brief description: MnDOT requests responses for final design that includes adding turn lanes, geometric layout, culvert repair, intersection lighting revisions, guardrail, approach panels and bridge end post replacement, guardrail replacement. The goal of this project is to provide a biddable final design of TH 23 for Sandstone to Askov.

Date posted: 01/14/2022
Due date:  02/01/2022

  • Announcement
  • Scope
  • Questions
  • TGB/Vet Special Provisions
  • Official List: In order to submit a letter of interest to this project, consultants must be pre-qualified in the following work types
    • 1.22 Geometric Layouts - Level 2
    • 2.13 Highway Design - Level 3
    • 3.13 Bridge and Structure Design - Level 3
    • 5.53 Wetland Services - Level 3
    • 14.3 Roadway Lighting Design
    • 14.42 Temporary Traffic Control Plan Design & Special Provisions - Level 2
    • 14.61 Signing Plan Design & Special Provisions - Level 1

Project Scheduling

Brief description: MnDOT anticipates offering contracts to multiple, qualified successful responders. The Selected Responders for this project will provide scheduling support in Primavera P6 for MnDOT’s Project Management Section and its Shared Service Center (SSC). Selected Responders will provide personnel to assist MnDOT staff in developing and maintaining project schedules in P6, which will include providing direct support to the MnDOT districts.  The product of this contract will be support of MnDOT Project Managers in coordination with Shared Service Center staff in the use of project management tools within the MnDOT.

Date posted: 01/10/2022
Due date:  01/25/2022

Design and RW Acquisition for Intersection Reconstruction at TH19 and CSAH2

Brief description: MnDOT requests responses for Preliminary Design, Detail Design and Right-of-Way (RW) Acquisition for the construction of a roundabout at the intersection of Minnesota Trunk Highway (TH19) and County State-Aid Highway (CSAH) 2 in Rice County, Minnesota. The roundabout project will be let under SP 6602-32. This project also includes Intersection Control Evaluation (ICE), public involvement, surveying, and the design of associated drainage appurtenances, roundabout/intersection lighting, and landscaping.

Date posted: 01/07/2022
Due date:  01/27/2022

  • Announcement
  • Scope
  • TGB/VET Special Provisions
  • Official List: In order to submit a letter of interest to this project, consultants must be pre-qualified in the following work types
    • 1.12 Environmental Documentation – Class II Actions
    • 1.21 Geometric Layouts – Level 1
    • 2.11 Highway Design – Level 1
    • 8.1 Direct Purchase
    • 8.3 Field Title Investigation
    • 8.4 Title Services
    • 8.51 R/W Appraisals - Level 1
    • 9.4 Design/Location Surveys
    • 9.6 Land Surveys
    • 14.3 Roadway Lighting Design
    • 14.41 Temporary Traffic Control Plan Design & Special Provisions – Level 1
    • 14.61 Signing Plan Design & Special Provisions – Level 1
    • 14.7 Traffic Engineering Special Studies
    • 17.1 Roundabout Design
    • 21.1 Communications and Public Engagement Project Management