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P/T Notices

MnDOT solicits P/T projects in a variety of ways. P/T notices are open to both pre-qualified consultants only and to the general public. Each section below describes the process being utilized, and the consultants eligible to respond.

Potential Projects List

MnDOT maintains a list of potential, upcoming Professional/Technical projects. This list is updated on a regular basis, and is provided to help consultants plan and prepare for upcoming solicitations. You can view the current list, last updated on 08/21/2019, here:

Potential Projects List (Word)

Notices for Potential Responder Information and Feedback

Meeting Notices, Draft Scopes/Solicitations, Etc.

The following section is used to advertise informational notices. For example, informational meeting notices on an upcoming project; draft scopes of work/RFP's for industry review and/or comment; etc.

DRAFT INFORMATION: SP 2780-97 Verification for I-94 Maple Grove to Rogers Design-Build Project

The verification contracts for SP 2780-97 will contain positions for the Design and Construction Verification of the Design-Build Project schedule for letting in October 2019. Construction is anticipated to last through November 2021.

Design Verification Organizational Chart - Advertised in July (PDF)
Construction Verification Organizational Chart - Advertised after October 11th I-94 Maple Grove Letting (PDF)

For additional information on the I-94 Maple Grove to Rogers Design-Build Project, visit the following website:


DRAFT INFORMATION: SP 2001-42  Highway 14 Expansion Design-Build

The Oversight Contract for SP 2001-42 will contain positions for the Design and Construction Oversight of the Design-Build Project schedule for letting in August 2019.  Construction is anticipated to last through June of 2022.

Design Verification Organizational Chart - Advertised in Early June (PDF)
Construction Verification Organizational Chart - Advertised after August 21 Highway 14 Expansion Letting (PDF)

Project Location:
The Highway 14 expansion is in eastern Steele County and western Dodge County.  The project begins 0.7 miles east of Steele County Road 43 (east of Owatonna) and ends at Highway 56 north ( west of Dodge Center) at the existing four-lane. 

Project Scope:

  • Design & Construct 12.5 miles of four lanes of Highway 14 east of Owatonna to Highway 56 west of Dodge Center
  • Design & Construct new interchanges and bridges at Highway 56 and Dodge County Road 3
  • Design & Construct new overpasses at Dodge County Road 1, Steele County Road 16 and Canadian Pacific Railway 
  • Design & Construct approximately 5 miles of local roads

Minnesota's Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

The State of Minnesota is committed to diversity and inclusion in its public procurement process. The goal is to ensure that those providing services to the State are representative of our Minnesota communities and include businesses owned by minorities, women, veterans, and those with substantial physical disabilities. Creating broader opportunities for historically under-represented groups provides for additional options and greater competition in the marketplace, creates stronger relationships and engagement within our communities, and fosters economic development and equality.

Whenever possible, MnDOT strongly encourages the use of Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE's), Targeted Group Businesses (TGB's) and Veteran Owned Businesses (VET).

Notices Open to All Consultants

The following section lists all current P/T RFPs and Informal Solicitations. Note: you do not need to be pre-qualified or on any current MnDOT Certified List Programs to respond to these advertisements. P/T RFPs and Informal Solicitations will be posted solely on this webpage, along with all supporting documentation, addendums, questions and/or other related issues. As a potential responder, you are responsible for checking back for changes, addendums and/or questions that have been answered and posted. Each RFP/Informal Solicitation will identify the last date to submit questions, along with an anticipated date the answers will be posted.

Seismic Approach to Quality Management of HMA

Brief Description: MnDOT requests responses for the development of a multichannel, seismic geophysical data acquisition device and processing software for characterizing quality of newly paved Hot Mixed Asphalt (HMA) via surface wave velocity. Current HMA designs rely primarily on performance based parameters (moduli) of pavement layers. However, current construction specifications for newly-constructed HMA rely primarily on non-performance based index parameters (density, air void content, and layer thickness) which are commonly acquired on a low frequency basis using destructive 1D methods such as coring (exception for various 1D non-destructive devices). Seismic methods have been used for several decades as a reliable, non-destructive means of characterizing mechanical behavior of pavement materials for mostly 1D purposes in both the field and lab. Advancements in processing capabilities and hardware suggest that it is achievable to develop a device capable of accurately measuring high frequency surface wave energy in a rolling, air-coupled fashion such that surface and three-dimensional, lane-wide models of seismic velocity can be reported swiftly (potentially, in real time) for quality management purposes (including layer thickness). The development of such a device could, ultimately, lead to an effective and efficient means of linking performance based design and construction phase quality management parameters.

Date Posted: 08/13/2019
Due Date: 09/10/2019

Template of Consultant Scopes

Brief Description: This contract is phase 2 for the effort to create a template that contains scopes of work (SOW) for tasks that MnDOT typically gives to consultants. The phase 1 contract is complete, and it created a MSWord template with a specific outline and formatting, and incorporates the scope of work for two specific P6 work packages and created a manual that explains the outline and formatting to be used in the MSWord template. It created a web based application with a database system used to create and store the templates and assemble new MSWord documents. A guide describing how to use the web application and database, a process manual for updating the templates in the database, and maintaining the web application was also created. The purpose of this endeavor is that MnDOT staff have provided feedback that it is time consuming and difficult to write scopes of work to hire consultants. Consultants have provided feedback that scopes of work for consultant contracts vary greatly across the State in regards to detail and quality, which makes it difficult to respond to scopes of work that seem the same, but also seem to have different criteria or expectations. State wants to create a formatted document template with a library of scopes of work that describe tasks that are typically given to consultants that work for MnDOT. The web application then provides a checklist for the State employees to fill out, and then the system assembles the template content and outputs it into an MSWord document that is then saved to the State computer servers.
Project Goal

Date Posted: 08/13/2019
Due Date: 09/27/2019

Interstate 94/494/694 Interchange System Concept Development

Brief Description: MnDOT requests responses for a Contractor to develop alternative design concept layouts for the I-694 / I-494 / I-94 interchange. The alternative design concept layouts will include proposed improvements within project limits. Once the preferred concepts are chosen, preliminary engineering will be done to test the viability of the concepts. Preliminary right of way impacts will be determined to analyze impacts.

Date Posted: 08/12/2019
Due Date: 09/03/2019

Stone Arch Bridge Scoping and Preservation Design

Brief Description: MnDOT requests responses for structural investigation, development of repair recommendations, and preparation of certified construction plans and special provisions for preservation activities for the iconic Stone Arch Bridge over the Mississippi River in downtown Minneapolis.

Date Posted: 08/09/2019
Due Date: 08/30/2019

Comparison of Performance of Traditional Chain Conveyor Spreader and Auger-Driven Spreader for Distributing Prewet Salt

Brief Description: MnDOT requests responses for a Clear Roads project to compare the effectiveness and efficiency of multiple types of spreader equipment used to distribute prewet salt to winter roadways. Traditional chain conveyor spreaders typically move dry salt to the spreader’s rear gate, where the salt is dropped into a hopper or chute and then falls onto a spinner for distribution. By contrast, auger-driven spreaders move granular salt from the hopper box to the discharge chute through corkscrew action. Either of these spreader types can be configured with tanks, hoses and nozzles at multiple locations along the salt’s path through the spreader to allow the salt to be prewet with salt brine or another solution before it is distributed to the roadway.

Date Posted: 07/31/2019
Due Date: 09/06/2019

Synthesis of Technical Requirements and Considerations for an Automated Snowplow Route Optimization RFP Template

Brief Description: Developing an RFP is a time-consuming process. The goal of this project is to expedite the process for states to procure an automated snowplow route optimization program vendor by providing a list of technical requirements and considerations that states can use to build their RFPs. This project will also provide guidance and recommendations to help states select a system that meets their needs.

Date Posted: 07/30/2019
Due Date: 09/06/2019

Recruitment and Retention of Highway Maintenance Workers

Brief Description: The main goal of this project is to provide state DOTs with information that can be used to more effectively recruit and retain highway maintenance workers. A related goal is to develop objective data about state DOTs’ recruitment/retention challenges that can be presented to state legislative committees or upper management in order to influence agency policy.

Date Posted: 07/30/2019
Due Date: 09/06/2019

Measuring the Efficiencies of Tow Plows and Wing Plows

Brief Description: The goals of this project are (1) to provide Clear Roads member states with a thorough understanding of the real-world costs, benefits and efficiencies associated with purchasing, operating and maintaining tow plows and wing plows over the equipment’s entire life cycle, and (2) to provide tools to help guide states’ equipment purchases and their deployment of tow plows and wing plows on the roadways where they will yield the greatest efficiencies.

Date Posted: 07/30/2019
Due Date: 09/06/2019

Expanding Application Rate Guidance for Salt Brine Blends for Direct Liquid Application (DLA) and Anti-Icing

Brief Description: The goal of this project is to expand on currently available guidelines for the use of brines and brine blends for DLA and anti-icing. By providing a more complete set of application rates for various pavement temperature ranges and road surface conditions, this project will help facilitate expanded use of DLA and anti-icing at agencies across the country.

Date Posted: 07/30/2019
Due Date: 09/06/2019

Statewide Specialized Hauling Vehicles (SHV) Load Ratings

Brief Description: MnDOT requests responses for bridge ratings and load posting analysis of structures on the local system. MnDOT’s Bridge Office and State Aid for Local Transportation Group (SALT) have identified approximately 750 county and local bridges as needing refined rating analysis for supporting the new loads and therefore may require load postings recommendations.  Bridge identification is based on current operating ratings, bridge type and rating method. This solicitation will be used to award five separate contracts.  State anticipates that successful responders will be awarded one contract per firm.

Date Posted: 07/24/2019
Due Date: 08/23/2019

TH 169 Redefine CMGC Poject

Brief Description: This Request for Proposals (RFP) is issued by the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) to all firms and teams of firms (“Proposer”) interested in a Construction Manager/General Contractor (CMGC) professional/technical services contract for the TH 169 Redefine project (the “Project”) located in Sherburne County, Minnesota. MnDOT hereby invites such Proposers to submit competitive proposals (“Proposals”) for CMGC services for the Project as more specifically described in this RFP.

Date Posted: 07/22/2019
Due Date: 10/08/2019

MnPASS Back Office System and Customer Service Center

Brief Description: MnDOT requests responses to acquire a MnP ASS Express Lanes Back Office System (BOS), related customer services center and support services. Under this procurement the project will include the necessary development, transition, delivery and operational services to support the electronic toll collection (ETC) account management for customers of the MnPASS program. In addition, the back office will also provide the ability to support E-ZPass interoperability no later than 6 months after transition completion. MnDOT plans to become a full member by the end of 2019.

Date Posted: 06/24/2019
Due Date: 08/26/2019

Minnesota CAV Challenge

Brief Description: The purpose of this project is to allow industry and transportation partners to propose innovative projects with the potential to advance Connected and Automated Vehicle (CAV) technologies in Minnesota. The Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) desires a wide variety of project ideas from multiple organizations to establish Minnesota as a leader in CAV initiates. This solicitation is being conducted as an open, on-going request for proposals allowing potential responders to submit a proposal at any time. Proposals will be considered on a pre-determined review cycle outlined in this document. This is an opportunity for new and emerging CAV technologies to be developed, tested, and demonstrated in Minnesota. It is anticipated that this solicitation will result in multiple contract awards. The number of contracts awarded will depend on the size of projects submitted and available funding.

Date Posted: 10/01/2018
Due Date: 10/17/2019, 01/16/2020, 04/16/2020, 07/16/2020 (Ongoing Submittal Dates - See RFP and Addendum for details)

Notices Open to Pre-Qualified Consultants Only

Consultants must be pre-qualified in the identified work type(s) to respond to a Pre-Qualification Announcement. In order to submit a letter of interest to a project identified below, consultants must be pre-qualified at the time the announcement is posted. Each project below has its own "Official List," which identifies the consultants who are eligible to submit for that specific project. Please note: If consultants are not pre-qualified for all work types needed for project, they must make arrangements to subcontract with a firm(s) that is pre-qualified in the work type(s). If applicable, the consultant must identify in the letter of interest their sub-consultant(s), and which work type(s) the sub-consultant(s) will be completing. If there are not firms currently listed on the "Official List" for an identified work type(s), the consultant may provide the work themselves or they may subcontract with any firm.

Purpose, Need, and Preliminary Design

Brief Description: MnDOT requests responses for a Purpose, Need, and Preliminary Design Contract for State Project 0708-47, Trunk Highway (TH) 60 from approximately 680 feet west of 510th Avenue to Lakeview Road in Lake Crystal.

Date Posted: 08/21/2019
Due Date: 09/09/2019

Bridge 5060 Management Plan

Brief Description: MnDOT requests responses for development of a comprehensive management plan for Bridge 5060, which carries TH 210 over the Mississippi River in Brainerd, Minnesota. The superstructure consists of a five span, open spandrel concrete arch with a concrete slab span over voided abutments on each end.  The substructures consist of tall, voided abutments supported on concrete piles and two-column piers supported on concrete piles.

Date Posted: 08/19/2019
Due Date: 09/10/2019

SHPO Portal Phase II - File Organization and Partial Scanning

Brief Description: MnDOT requests responses for assistance creating an online portal system through which State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) architectural history inventory forms, National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) files, and archaeological site forms will be more accessible. Phase I of the portal effort is underway, and includes combining SHPO’s various electronic databases into a single relational database. Phase II includes preparing the SHPO’s physical files for scanning, which will be added into an online portal. Phase III will be the development of the actual online portal.

Date Posted: 08/15/2019
Due Date: 08/29/2019