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MnROAD test sections are routinely monitored to track the changes in pavement performance over time. MnROAD’s most recent data collection processes and data can be accessed online and is also incorporated in the table below. Due to the volume and complexity, some data (e.g. raw ride quality, pre-2008 FWD time history files, dynamic load data, some sensor data, etc.) is not included in the data set. This data is stored offline and available on request. If you don't see the data you're looking for please contact us.

Access to the MnROAD Data Online

MnROAD Data (Data Set - Oct 2016 / Data Collection Methods / Online Data Performance Reports

Layer Information Layer widths and thickness for both lanes and shoulders
Lab Testing
(HMA, PCC, Base)
Online Data from materials sampling, lab procedures and summary results of quality control testing
(Static, Dynamic)
Online Data and descriptions of current and historical sensors used at MnROAD
Field Monitoring
(Ruts, Ride, Texture, Cracks, Strength, etc.)
Online Data along with procedures used to collect the data for pavement distress, surface characteristics, and other non-destructive testing data
Weather Online Data and information about MnROAD weather stations and other weather references
Traffic Online Data for Mainline (I-94) and Low Volume Road Traffic including collection descriptions