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For information about MnROAD

Ben Worel, Research Operations Engineer  |  651-366-5522

Jeff Tabery, Site Manager  |  651-366-5557

Lauren Dao, Communications Coordinator  |  651-366-5463

Set up a visit or tour of our MnROAD facility.

For information about NRRA

Glenn Engstrom, Director  |  651-366-5531

Ben Worel, Research Operations Engineer  |  651-366-5522

Lauren Dao, Communications Coordinator  |  651-366-5463

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NRRA Team Contacts

Dan Oesch, Missouri Department of Transportation

Terry Beaudry, Minnesota Department of Transportation

Intelligent Construction Technologies
Rebecca Embacher, Minnesota Department of Transportation

Preventive Maintenance
Joel Ulring, Minnesota Department of Transportation

Brett Trautman, Missouri Department of Transportation

For information about Connected and Automated Vehicles at MnROAD

Kristin White, Executive Director, CAV Office  |  651-234-7051

Tara Olds, Deputy Director, CAV Office  |  651-234-7109

Please direct issues or questions related to the MnROAD and NRRA websites to Lauren Dao.