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Research Topics

Repairing concrete


Mix Rejuvenator Synthesis (Phase-1)
Mix Rejuvenator Test Sections (Phase-II)
Phosphorus Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Testing of Asphalt Binders
Asphalt Design Process
Low Temperature Cracking/Performance Test
Asphalt Overlays
Recycled Asphalt Pavements/Shingles (RAP)
Warm Mix Asphalt
Longitudinal Construction Joints
Asphalt Binder Modification
Surface Characteristics HMA
Permeable HMA


Engineered Dowel and Tie Bars combined with LTPP SPS-2 Determination of Causes for Cracking Over Dowel Bar
Jointless FRC Roundabout in Minnesota
Incorporation of Joint Faulting Model into BCOA-ME
High Performance PCC Design (60-Year)
Thin Concrete Design
Concrete Bonded Overlays
Concrete Unbonded Overlays
Thin Concrete Overlays
Whitetopping (PCC Overlays of Existing HMA)
Composite Pavement Systems
Compacted Concrete (RCC)
PCC Surface Characteristics (New Construction)
Pervious Concrete (Pavements)
Pervious Concrete (Overlay)

Grading and Base

Mechanistic Load Restriction Decision Platform for Pavement Systems Prone to Moisture VariationsEnvironmental Impacts on the Performance of Pavement Foundation Layers
Permeability of Base Aggregate and Sand
Improve material inputs into mechanistic design properties for reclaimed HMA Roadways
High Carbon Fly Ash Stabilization
Full Depth Reclamation
Recycled Unbound Materials
Resilient Modulus

Pavement Preservation

Spray on Rejuvenator Synthesis
Spray on Rejuvenator Test Sections
Service Life Enhancement of Substrates Overlaid with Thin Overlays (UTWBC, Chip Seals & Microsurfacing) for each state
Concrete Pavement Restoration (CPR) for Bonded Concrete Overlays of Asphalt
HMA Optimal Timing of Preventative Maintenance
HMA Crack Sealing
HMA Micro Surfacing
HMA Chip Seals
Seal Coat Design Program
PCC Joint Sealing
PCC-Diamond Grinding
PCC Partial Depth Repairs
PCC Full Depth Repairs
PCC Sealers
National Efforts - NCAT/MnROAD

Topic Specific - General Studies

Evaluation of Levels 3-4 Intelligent Compaction Measurement Values (ICMV) for Soils Subgrade and Aggregate Subbase Compaction
Support Importing, Viewing and Analysis of Dielectric Constant Data in Veta
HD and VHD Seismic Approaches for Roadway Evaluation
Taconite for Pavement Applications
Implements of Husbandry (Farm Equipment) on Pavements
Wide-Based Tires
Ground Penetrating Radar
Seasonal Load Limits
Intelligent Compaction and Advanced Technology
Pavement Noise
Traffic Sign Reflectivity
Rubble Strips
Gravel Roads
Rolling Resistance