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Hwy 53 rehabilitation, streetscape project

In Koochiching County

Traffic impacts

A rendering of the Hwy 53 International Falls project.

Work of July 12 - 17

Memorial to 20th Street (Stage 2)

  • Manhole cover work
  • Striping
  • Detour removed and reopen to traffic July 15

15th Street to Industrial Ave. (Stage 3C)

  • Detour removed and currently open to traffic

Industrial Ave. to 10th Street (Stage 3A)

  • Begin storm sewer work on east side
  • West lane open to traffic

Hwy 11 to Border

  • Begin removals on north end July 13

Work of July 19 - 24

Access Road

  • Removals and grading from north end moving south
  • Business access from the south

Crescent Dr.

  • Entrance culvert work
  • Business access from north and south

Industrial Ave. to 10th Street (Stage 3A)

  • Continue storm sewer work east side
  • Westlane open to traffic.

Hwy 11 to Border

  • Continue removals north to south

About this project

A rendering of the Hwy 53 International Falls project staging.

A major pavement rehabilitation and streetscape enhancement project is expected to begin summer 2020 in International Falls. The purpose of the project is to address the aging Hwy 53 infrastructure in International Falls. When completed, the project will result in a smoother pavement surface, an improved drainage/storm sewer system, improved ADA compliant pedestrian accessibility, a multi-use trail, new state-of-the-art signal systems, an LED lighting system and other streetscape features.

Summary of work

  • Reconstruct and rehabilitate Hwy 53 in International Falls
  • Accessibility, drainage, safety and visual quality improvements

Detour maps

International Falls stage 1 detour map

Stage 1 detour map. Click to enlarge.

Access Road near Cty Rd 7 will occur in four stages starting July 19 through August 19. Map coming soon.


Stage 3: Hwy 53 from 10th St to 12th St. Construction to occur on east half of road July 19 to August 2 and on west half of road from August 2 to August 16. Map coming soon.


International Falls stage 4 detour map

Stage 4 detour map. Click to enlarge.

International Falls stage 5 detour map.

Stage 5 detour map. Click to enlarge.