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Hwy 2 Corridor Study


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This option prioritizes maintaining two lanes of traffic in each direction. East of town, there would be room for additional turn lanes and also for a center median, which would help control traffic speeds. In town however, space becomes much more constricted. The design is able to allow for a small pedestrian island along the school by widening curbs.

Picture of what a four lane layout would look like

Example of 4-lane layout


3 lane option reduces the number of lanes and leverages the additional space to maximize pedestrian safety, focus on traffic calming, provide center turn to reduce traffic friction, and buffer parking areas. It also increases the distance between traffic lanes and the sidewalks, improving the buffer for pedestrians and also creating more snow storage in winter months for maintenance staff.

Picture of what a three lane layout would look like

Example of 3-lane layout


The following animations depict how traffic would flow on the two alternatives using the traffic levels in Fosston. They do not reflect a final design, they are used to add perspective on how the traffic would flow in each of the alternatives.

Clicking image plays an animation of the three lane corridor
3-lane corridor animation
Clicking image plays an animation of the four lane corridor
4-lane corridor animation

Need for project

Turning options on the five-way intersection at Granum Ave and Highway 2
The 5-way intersection at Granum Ave can create confusion and crash conflicts with its many different turning options
  • The corridor serves between 4,000 and 6,000 vehicles per day depending on season. It has a higher than expected crash rate than similar state highways.
  • The City is successfully becoming more pedestrian friendly with the number of pedestrians and activity on sidewalks increasing each year, although Highway 2 can be seen as a barrier to that growth
  • Along with residential, business and commuter traffic in Fosston, Hwy 2 also carries:
    • Truck traffic
    • Seasonal farming equipment
    • School buses
  • The intersection of Granum Ave is a 5-way intersection that includes a sharp intersecting angle

Additional considerations

Among the alternatives under consideration is the 5-way intersection at Granum Avenue. The current design has many different turning options, which can create confusion for motorists and increases the opportunity for crashes.

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Picture showing how one option is to square up First Street to Highway 2
One option is to square up First Street onto Hwy 2
Picture showing how another option is to square up both First Street and Granum Avenue's to Highway 2
Another option is to square up both First Street and Granum Ave to Hwy 2