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Highway 55/Olson Memorial Highway study


Join us at an upcoming meeting and community workshops in March

You're invited to join us at an upcoming virtual Policy Advisory Committee meeting on Tue, March 5 and one of our community workshops at Bethune Elementary on Tue, March 12 or Summit Academy OIC on Thu, March 28. For more information, visit the meetings webpage.

About this study

Highway 55/Olson Memorial Highway between Border Ave. and the bridge west of Thomas Ave. in Minneapolis study area map

Hwy 55/Olson Memorial Hwy study area map

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We are studying Olson Memorial Hwy between Border Ave. and the bridge west of Thomas Ave. This highway is an important route for the local community and surrounding region, including those that drive, walk, bike, roll, and use public transit.

We are conducting the study to better understand the needs of the community and explore long-term options that benefit the surrounding community and people who use the highway. The study will use technical analysis and input from the community on their transportation needs, existing experiences, and desires for the future of Olson Memorial Hwy.

Summary of work

  • Gather community input on their transportation needs and desires for the future of Olson Memorial Hwy
  • Summarize the issues and problems within the study area through a Purpose and Need Statement
  • Explore short and long-term improvements
  • Evaluate ideas through technical analysis and community input
  • Identify design alternatives
  • Describe the next steps to advance future construction

Study timeline

The Olson Memorial multimodal study has five phases:

Olson Memorial Highway study schedule

Current phase: Community feedback and Purpose and Need (June – November 2023)

During this phase of the study, the team is gathering input from the community on their experiences and needs for Olson Memorial Hwy.

  • Understand current experiences and transportation needs of the community, including those that live and travel within and through the study area
  • Gather ideas and visions from the community on the future of Olson Memorial Hwy