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Sustainable Transportation Advisory Council

The Sustainable Transportation Advisory Council (STAC) makes recommendations to the MnDOT Commissioner to help the agency reduce carbon pollution from transportation, consistent with the MnDOT statutory goals outlined in Minnesota statute 174.01, the Next Generation Energy Act, and the annual MnDOT Sustainability Report. The STAC will prioritize recommendations that value equity and environmental justice.


The goal of the STAC is to help Minnesota transition to a low-carbon transportation system in a way that is consistent with statutory goals for energy and emissions reductions and maximizes benefits to Minnesota, while recognizing the importance of continued work towards improving safety, reducing inequities, and supporting economic development.

Please see the STAC Charter (PDF) for more information on the council.

STAC Recommendations and MnDOT Review

VMT and Transportation Options / Fueling and Powering Transportation

The STAC VMT Reduction and Transportation Options workgroup and Fueling and Powering Transportation workgroup presented recommendations to MnDOT in December 2020.  The full description of the MnDOT review and response is available here along with a 3-page summary.

Transportation System Resilience

The STAC Transportation System Resilience workgroup presented recommendations to MnDOT in May 2021.  The MnDOT review and response is available here.


March 5, 2020 meeting

STAC members at the first meeting on March 5, 2020.

Back row (left to right): Daniel Schellhammer, Ashwat Narayanan, Russ Stark, Rolf Nordstrom, Katie Frye, Micheal Noble, Sam Sanders (for Senator Scott Newman), Greg Ilkka. Front row (left to right): Tim Sexton, Patrick Seeb, Peter Wagenius, Vishnu Laalitha Surapaneni, Katie Bell, Katie Jones, Commissioner Margaret Anderson Kelliher, Chris Clark, Emma Struss, Tara Wetzel, LaShella Sims. Not Pictured: Lisa Thurstin, Nick Thompson, Senator Scott Dibble, Representative Frank Hornstein.

Meeting Materials

Nov. 16, 2021
Meeting Materials (PDF)

Sept. 22, 2021
Meeting Materials (PDF)

July 22, 2021
Meeting Materials (PDF)

May 24, 2021
Meeting Materials (PDF)

March 18, 2021
Meeting Materials (PDF)

February 18, 2021
Meeting Materials (PDF)

December 10, 2020
Meeting Materials (PDF)
STAC Recommendations (PDF)

October 29, 2020
Meeting Materials (PDF)

August 6, 2020
Meeting Materials (PDF)
Racial Justice and Equity Conversation Document (PDF)

June 3, 2020
Meeting Materials (PDF)

March 5, 2020
Meeting Materials (PDF)

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