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Hwy 169—Elk River

Future freeway


Project layouts

  • DETAILED VIEW: Preliminary layout (Oct. 29, 2019) 6.8 MB, PDF
    • Note: File is a draft design with aerial image in background. We recommend viewing from computer or laptop display. Use bookmarks for easier zooming. For alternate format or cropped version, contact Jenny.Seelen@state.mn.us.
  • EASY VIEW: Hwy 169 convert freeway basic drawing map, PDF


Project fact sheet, PDF

Right of Way

Learn about right of way acquisition

Noise analysis

Noise barriers, studies, information

Single-point urban interchanges

A single-point urban interchange (SPUI) can also be called a single-point diamond interchange. The Highway 169 freeway project will use these interchange designs at Main Street, School Street/Elk Hills Drive and Jackson Avenue/193rd Avenue. This type of highway interchange design was created to help move large volumes of traffic through limited areas of space safely and efficiently. The term "single point" refers to the fact that all through traffic on the arterial street, as well as the traffic turning left onto or off the interchange, can be controlled from a single set of traffic signals. Watch YouTube video of how SPUI's operate.

Corridors of Commerce project

Area roadwork

Hwy 10 Elk River: Reconstruct and improve Highway 10 from Xenia Avenue to 4th Street NW in Elk River, includes pedestrian improves and signal system upgrades in 2021.

Project studies

  • Elk River to Zimmerman project study of assessed range of reasonable alternatives to corridor improvements. Published in 2013
  • Hwy 10 Elk River project study to upgrade to a freeway system. Published in 2012