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Elk River

Here's some commonly asked questions and answers. Visit the city of Elk River for additional local FAQ's.

Will traffic on Hwy 10 heading westbound back up at the proposed left turn lane to southbound Hwy 101?

The project team has evaluated traffic operations in this case and the maximum back-up is expected to fit within the current design length for the westbound left turn lane.

Is the left turn lane along westbound Hwy 10 to southbound Hwy 101 able to accommodate extra-long truck traffic?

Yes, the left turn lane and ramp are designed to accommodate over-sized loads.

When will construction begin and how long will it take?

Construction will start in fall 2022, but the majority of work will take place in 2023 and 2024. The project is expected to be complete by the end of 2024.

Will the Line Ave. access to Main St. be closed?

MnDOT and the City of Elk River are considering revisions to the layout shown in October 2019 that would cul-de-sac Line Ave. just south of 5th St. rather than ending right at Main St. This would allow the area immediately east of Hwy 169 and north of Main St. to have access to Main St.

Will the existing pedestrian bridge north of School St. remain after the project is completed?

Yes, it will remain.

Will Hwy 169 be closed during construction?

No, MnDOT is planning to keep at least one lane in each direction open on Hwy 169 for the entire project.

Will sound walls be constructed along the corridor?

MnDOT is performing a traffic noise analysis to determine if noise walls are warranted, based on the proposed construction. The determination will be made in early spring 2020.

How will the local street intersections, adjacent to the interchanges, be controlled?

Current design concepts are as follows:

  • Main St./Carson Ave. will remain side street stop signs, however a traffic signal may be warranted in the future.
  • Main St./Line Ave./Zane St. will remain signalized.
  • School St./Freeport Ave. will remain signalized.
  • School St./Dodge Ave. will remain side street stop signs.
  • 193rd Ave./Jackson Ave/Holt St. will remain side street stop signs.
  • 193rd Ave./Evans St. will be side street stop signs, however MnDOT is evaluating a roundabout at this location.
  • 197th Ave./Holt St./Irving St. will remain an all-way stop intersection, however MnDOT is evaluating a roundabout at this location.
  • 197th Ave./Evans St. will remain a side street stop sign.

Now the traffic problem will just move north to Zimmerman, what is being done to counter that issue?

Sherburne County will continue to pursue future solutions for the Hwy 169 signal at Co. Rd. 4 in Zimmerman.

Plans call for no ramps on the south side of 197th Ave. Can these be added in the future?

Yes, south ramps can be added in the future but they are not being included as part of this project because traffic models indicate insufficient demand for them at this time.

The entire project seems like a waste. Why not just re-time the current signals on Hwy 169?

The existing traffic signals have reached their operational limitations with respect to cycle lengths and there are safety concerns with pedestrians crossing a high speed roadway at grade. This project was the highest scoring Corridors of Commerce project for Greater Minnesota based on the following criteria:

  • Return on investment
  • Economic impact
  • Freight efficiency
  • Safety improvements
  • Regional connections
  • Policy objectives
  • Community consensus

Can bike lanes be incorporated on the local roadways?

The current design connects city sidewalk and trails on both sides of Hwy 169 at all four major intersections. On-street bike lanes is not currently planned for the area.

Can a signal be added to the intersection of Main St. and Twin Lakes Rd.?

Sherburne County will install turn lanes and a traffic signal at the intersection of Twin Lakes Rd./Main St./181st Ave. in 2020.

Information updated December 2019