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National Road Research Alliance

National Road Research Alliance

Current NRRA Agency Members

The National Road Research Alliance (NRRA) is a Pooled Fund with the goal to improve the future sustainability of our roads through research and a commitment to cooperative implementation. The alliance sponsors research at the MnROAD test track, one of the most sophisticated cold-weather pavement facilities in existence, as well as other locations.

The first phase of the NRRA is concluded in January 2021, but we moved forward with a Phase II to seamlessly begin in February 2021. In Phase II, our focus is narrowing to the two priorities of sustainability and application of intelligent construction technologies for all pavement projects.

Join the alliance

To date, 15 state agencies and more than 80 industries, associations, and academic institutions have become NRRA members. We are sharing expertise and are learning about new tools and methods to improve and expand transportation systems nationally. Our alliance is strong, but grows stronger with more participants. Join us and shape the future of our roads.

Research teams & projects

Our research teams are divided into five main technical areas: Flexible, Geotechnical, Intelligent Construction, Preventive Maintenance, and Rigid. The Executive Committee is led by state agency members and guides the decision-making for the research to be funded.

See a full list of our research efforts.


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